What'Sub: Circet and Van Rijn Glasvezeltechniek know how to get down to business

In the What'Sub series, we give the floor to our subcontractors. They talk about their partnership with Circet and zoom in on their growth process over the years. This time Jur Van Rijn, co-director Van Rijn Glasvezeltechniek, talks about how his company can rely on Circet and vice versa.

Van Rijn

What is your partnership with Circet like?

Jur: "Van Rijn Glasvezeltechniek has been around for 15 years, we have been working for Circet for five years now. And during those five years, we have grown tremendously. We started on a project for KPN with five people, meanwhile we have 70-80 people working full-time for Circet."

"Our cooperation is like a wave. Sometimes we face immense work peaks with tight deadlines and projects that must all be completed at the same time. This is followed by quieter periods, which allow us to make plans for the future together. We have to because the peaks are getting higher. It’s great to work like that."

What did you learn through Circet?

Jur: "Circet has an entrepreneurial culture. There are short lines of communication and people take decisions quickly. They also take responsibility for their actions. This makes for an excellent working atmosphere because no one shirks their duties. It encourages us to do the same."

"At Circet, people take decisions quickly and they don't shirk responsibility."

How did your collaboration start?

Jur: "Our first project was challenging from the very start. The systems KPN was working with were new to Circet as well as to us. We grasped the project together and learned from each other. That's what working with Circet is like: everyone helps each other to achieve the best result."

"Circet has also helped us grow. This does not come naturally – we tackled the pain points together. It's great to have a partner you can always call."

What do you like best about Circet?

Jur: "It doesn't always have to be serious. We joke with each other and our conversations do not always revolve around the numbers. Circet calls us not only when there is bad news, but also to say that things are going well."

"It doesn't always have to be serious or about numbers. Circet also calls us to say things are going well."

What does the future look like?

Jur: "Bright, for sure. I think we will work together for a very long time. Connecting all existing homes to fibre is a challenge that will keep us going for quite a while. And these connections need to be managed, too. Let us grow together nice and steady, I would say."

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