Subcontractor Jos van den Akker on working with Circet

Communication, punctuality and equality: those are the three big advantages to working with Circet according to Jos van den Akker, FttH subcontractor.

This is how Jos van den Akker and Circet work together on tomorrow's vital infrastructure

In the telecom infrastructure of the future, fibre will play a vital role. Thanks to a strong collaboration with subcontractor Jos van den Akker from Oss, we are 'fibre-glazing' cities at a fast pace. Time to look back at the course we have taken together so far.

Circet & Jos van den Akker

  • Working as a subcontractor for Circet since 2016  
  • Activities for Circet: FttH, soon to include charging stations
  • Cooperation in 3 words: communication, punctuality, equality

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"I have been working for Circet since 2016 - which was Spitters back then," says Jos van den Akker. "I have witnessed the growth up close and have grown with it myself. We currently have more than 10 shifts working for Circet. We connect homes to the fibre network - Fiber to the Home - and fix errors."

Relationship on equal footing

"The cooperation is excellent. The relationship with Circet is really mutual: we can rely on one another and find ourselves on the same page. When someone is ill, they join in the search for replacement. There are plenty of principals who would say: 'It's your problem, so solve it.'"

"We can also buy tools and materials through them. This is usually cheaper than going it alone, as they buy much larger volumes. It's nice that they make that effort. Currently, I do a lot for Circet. They are great to do work for."

Circet takes care of its subcontractors. We can even buy material through them - Jos van den Akker

3 major benefits of collaboration according to Jos

  1. Consultation: "I can turn to Circet for everything - and they to me. The planning is always clear and logical."
  2. Punctuality: "Everything is announced and paid nicely on time."
  3. Equality: "Circet thinks along with its subcontractors. If something goes wrong, they show understanding and we look for a solution together.

Bright future

"There is additional work in the pipeline: soon we will also connect charging stations at people's homes. To be allowed to work in the meter box, we will train to become chief mechanic. For that, we can turn to the Circet Academy. Another benefit to our collaboration!"

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