Every colleague is a specialist: this is how Circet trains over 1,200 employees and partners a year

From mechanics to dispatchers and maintenance engineers to designers, every Circet employee and partner is a specialist in their field. Day in and day out, they make an important contribution to tomorrow's vital infrastructure. The Circet Academy is at the heart of this. 

Afbeelding3The challenge

How does Circet ensure that every employee and partner meet the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, regulations, certification and customer requirements?

Afbeelding5Circet's solution  

The answer: Circet Academy, which provides training for all Circet colleagues as well as subcontractor employees. Every aspect of telecoms, network technology and smart energy applications is covered.  

The Circet Academy in figures

  • 5 locations in the Benelux
  • +1,200 trainees per year
  • 200 education and training courses
  • 50,000 training hours per year

Learning and growing 

The Circet Academy is Circet's internal training centre. In the academy, Circet develops training and education programmes both internally and together with external partners. The goal? To give everyone - from new colleagues to seasoned experts - the chance to develop themselves in their fields. 

Trainees are trained to become specialists in Kontich, Evergem, Flémalle (Belgium), Hedel and Tilburg (Netherlands). At each location, the focus is on different themes. 

  • Education and training in telecoms, in-home services and infra are offered in Kontich.
  • In Evergem, the focus is on building and maintaining the mobile network.
  • In Flémalle, education and training revolve around in-home services for Walloon customers.
  • In Hedel, the focus is on in-home services and laying and/or installation of coax, fibre optic and charging stations. 

A look at the Tilburg academy

The academy in Tilburg offers training in infrastructure and charging stations. Trainees are Circet employees as well as employees of subcontractors. "All courses are structured in the same way," says trainer Maykel Pigmans. "The first half consists of a combination of learning in practice and theory. In the second half, the trainee takes many practical classes."

Circet academy
The intake of trainees is hugely varied. So not only trainees with no experience, but also employees who have been in the business for years attend the academy. Academy manager Jeroen Waelbers: "We make sure that eventually everyone leaves the academy with the same level of knowledge and, if necessary, the right certifications." 

No experience? No problem!

Inexperienced trainees deserve extra attention, explains HR Director Peter de Vries. "People who want to make the switch to the telecoms industry are welcome. No work experience or technical knowledge? No problem at all! Wat matters most, is the will to learn and ambition. If you have this mindset, Circet is happy to train you to become an expert in telecom or smart energy applications."  



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