Serving the growing charging station market with Eneco eMobility

Electric driving is becoming the norm, and so the market for electric charging stations is growing tremendously. Together with Eneco eMobility, Circet enables the switch to electric driving. 

Circet and Eneco eMobility respond to strong demand for charging stations 

By 2026, all Belgian company cars must be emission free and the Netherlands target a fully electric car fleet by 2050. It is clear: the transition to electric driving is in full swing. The need for charging stations has therefore never been greater. Eneco eMobility wants to help enable the shift to electric driving and is positioning itself as a market leader in the Benelux for the installation of charging stations. Circet provides the necessary capacity and expertise. 

Afbeelding3The challenge     
Meeting the high demand for electric charging stations.  

Afbeelding5Circet's solution   
We provide the necessary capacity to support Eneco eMobility in the growing electric charging station market, with a focus on customer satisfaction.  

Supporting the shift to electric driving

The shift to electric driving is in full swing, which means the demand for electric charging stations is growing exponentially. Eneco eMobility installs charging stations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The company focuses on both home and business installations and is a market leader in the Benelux. 

"Our mission aligns with Eneco's broader objective: to support the transition to zero emissions," CEO Leonie Baneke says. "Specifically, with Eneco eMobility, we are enabling the transition to electric driving with the installation of charging stations." 

The challenges of a fast-growing market 

The biggest challenge in the market? "Without a doubt: keeping up with demand," Leonie says. "There are shortages both in terms of hardware - with technology still evolving - and manpower. In a dynamic and fast-growing market, these are the biggest challenges." 

We at Circet also specialise in the installation of electric charging stations. We installed as many as 9,000 electric charging stations in 2022. That expertise led to a fruitful collaboration with Eneco eMobility. "The partnership with Circet is crucial to continue meeting customer demand," Leonie confirms. "Together, we explore how to serve customers in a qualitative way in this dynamic market." 

Capacity and customer satisfaction 

"We have been working together for about three years now and in that time, Circet has already helped us achieve a number of goals," Leonie continues. "First and foremost, by delivering what they promise - sufficient capacity to carry out the number of planned installations. Moreover, we also continue to raise customer satisfaction together." 

"There is still a lot of growth potential in our partnership with Eneco eMobility," says Herman Ijsseldijk, Business Development Director at Circet. "For instance, we want to focus even more on energy management. Numerous innovative solutions are entering the market, from heat pump boilers to smart charging stations. These need to be installed and connected, and that is where our joint expertise lies. It is a new market that is developing rapidly, so we are looking forward to a bright future together." 


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