How Circet supports Eurofiber's growth

Eurofiber is growing, and it counts on Circet to enable that. Customer satisfaction, delivery speed, reliability and innovation are its watchwords.

How Circet supports Eurofiber's growth 

As an independent infrastructure company, Eurofiber lays fibre-optic networks for companies. Their partnership with Circet enables them to grow their activities. "We want to work closely together and innovate for many years to come," says Eric Kuisch, COO at Eurofiber. 

The challenge called Eurofiber 
Support Eurofiber's growth in multiple countries by building quality fibre-optic infrastructure as a partner. 

Circet's solution  
Circet supports Eurofiber's growth ambition in multiple countries through increased customer satisfaction, fast and reliable delivery and innovation, among other things.   

Customer satisfaction first 

"Besides fibre-optic networks, we also offer internet and Ethernet services," Eric Kuisch explains. "In addition, we have data centres to unburden our customers. That's why our partnership with Circet is so crucial. They have grown with Eurofiber over the past 20 years and made a vital contribution to the construction of fibre-optic networks. We consider Circet not just a supplier, but really a partner. The extension of our operational organisation, really."

Circet and Eurofiber in figures 

10,225 projects completed over the past five years

+800 km dug

Why Circet: skilled and customer-oriented

"Circet is a valuable partner for us for three reasons," Eric continues. "The first is competence: Circet's employees are true subject specialists. Second is customer focus. Circet is the face of Eurofiber to our customers, so it is important that they convey the same values and professionalism. Finally, Circet challenges us to innovate and continuously improve ourselves."  

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How Circet and Eurofiber keep raising the bar

"Over the years, we have grown together," Eric concludes. "Together, we keep raising the bar in terms of customer satisfaction, delivery speed, reliability and efficiency. Circet has a dedicated team supporting our growth, and we want to continue growing for years to come. In the coming years, we want to become even more innovative in construction methods, productivity and cost efficiency.

Moreover, it is important for us that Circet is also present in several countries. Besides the Benelux, we will soon cooperate in the German market, and there too we can rely on the quality and reliability of this partnership."


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