Circet and VodafoneZiggo opt for sustainable mobility

Innovation that benefits society is what we strive for at Circet. So when VodafoneZiggo challenges us to work ever more sustainably, we gladly sink our teeth into it. 
The telecom provider is making sustainability a priority and is working with Circet to make its services CO2 neutral. The result? From now on, all our employees move around on e-bikes. 

Afbeelding3The challenge  
A CO2 neutral service for VodafoneZiggo.

Afbeelding5Circet's solution
With e-bikes, our employees move around sustainably during all urban interventions at VodafoneZiggo customers' premises.  

Together for a sustainable future

In an ideal partnership, the values and ambitions of both partners are aligned. The fact that VodafoneZiggo puts sustainability at the heart of their services is music to Circet’s ears. In the big cities, our mechanics use e-bikes (covered electric tricycles with a small cargo space) to get around. So when you know that our employees travel around 9 million kilometres every year, the potential impact of CO2 neutral mode of transport is huge.

Smooth mobility in city centres

"We want to be at the forefront of sustainability," says Eric Dijksma, senior manager operations & innovation at VodafoneZiggo. "That means we are also looking for environmentally friendly solutions in our partnerships. So Circet employees ride e-bikes to all our customers to fix breakdowns and carry out installations."

Besides sustainability, e-bikes offer other benefits, Eric says. "In city centres, some customers are difficult to reach with vans. Because of crowds, narrow streets or one-way traffic, for example. With the e-bikes, we can easily get to every front door." 

circet VFZ

A sustainable partnership

"The collaboration with Circet is very important to us," Eric continues. "They are not just an executing party. We have a partnership of equality and transparency. Together we look for ways to keep doing better and keep innovating. We have already come a long way together and there are many great projects in the pipeline to continue contributing to a sustainable future." 



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