Subcontractor Abdullah started as Field Engineer Smart Meters in summer 2022

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Meet Abdullah Ulgar

✔️ Job title: Field Engineer Smart Meters

✔️ Employed since:summer 2022

✔️ Active in: the region of Lommel/Beringen, but also Limburg and Antwerp

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👉 How are you helping to build tomorrow's infrastructure?

 "I install digital meters in people's homes. Thanks to these meters you can now see very precisely how much you are consuming, you can plan better when you turn on certain appliances and you can chart your creeping consumption more easily. Less waste and a saving for the wallet, that's a good thing, right?"


👉 What is your most important job?

"Installing the meters is my main task: I install an average of eight a day. Yet I find it equally important to get people excited about their new appliance. When you see how easily they can save energy with it, you quickly get them on board.

That's why I like to tell customers about extra functionalities, such as monitoring your consumption via your smartphone or tablet. That message gets through to both the younger and older generations: everyone has a smartphone these days, and most of them love the fact that they can easily monitor their energy consumption online."


👉 Where are the challenges?

"Some people are reluctant to have a digital meter installed. Then our job is to convince them of the benefits, and reassure them that the meter will be installed correctly.

You also have to deal with more difficult jobs, for example with elderly people living in an old house. There, you may only have a small recess to install the meter, have to pull longer power cables, or even drill. But if it works then, the residents are extra satisfied."


👉 What do you like most about your job?

"Delivering beautiful work is what really energises me. I want people to be satisfied when I close the door behind me after installation. I also like the chat before I start work: I share my expertise and reassure people. As soon as they see that I have a lot of technical know-how, they feel a lot more confident."


👉 What tip would you give to someone who has just started at Circet?

"For young people in my position, I would say: preparation is half the work! First ensure a safe working environment. Then look at the cabinet and the location where the meter needs to be, and decide how you can do the work in a neat way. Field Engineers who are just starting out sometimes tend to work headlong. So: think first and then you are off to a good start."

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