What'Sub: DZM Data Solutions' growth as a Circet subcontractor

In the What'Sub series, we give the floor to our subcontractors. They talk about their partnership with Circet and zoom in on their growth process over the years. This time, Burak Simsek, general manager of DZM Data Solutions, talks about how they grew to a company of 300 people in 15 years. 


  • SUBCONTRACTOR: DZM Data Solutions in The Hague 
  • Partner since: 2008 
  • Specialist in: infrastructure works, installation and maintenance of fibre optic networks 
  • Growth process: demand for fibre has skyrocketed and DZM Data Solutions grew with it  
  • Collaboration with Circet in one sentence: "Circet feels like family to us." 
  • Ritual within the team: "Having drinks together on Friday nights." 
  • This tool or instrument the team absolutely cannot do without: "The excavator, otherwise we would have to dig by hand." 
  • Team's favourite music while working: "100 Doezoe Cash" 


What does your partnership with Circet look like?  


Burak: "We have been working for Circet for over 15 years. Together, we have already laid hundreds of thousands of kilometres of fibre. I am very proud of the collaboration, as we always deliver quality projects together." 

"Our collaboration started rather by accident. We worked for a contractor, an employee of which went to Circet. The latter called us because he knew we were good at fibre optics. So we got more and more assignments. Back then, Circet was a much smaller company: all contacts were one-to-one. They have grown and professionalised considerably since then, but that warm contact has remained. Circet really does feel like family. It's not just about the work, we also joke around with each other." 

"Circet really feels like family. It's not just about the work, we also joke around with each other." 

Did the partnership enable you to grow? 

Burak: "Absolutely. Like any business, we started small. In the last 15 years, the demand for fibre has skyrocketed and we have grown along with it. Today, DZM employs 300 people." 

"Yet, we didn't just hitch a ride on the increasing demand. We specialise in complex projects. Anyone can dig a pit. Targeted digging with preparations, pressings and curved pipe casings is a different story. We also install fibre optics with our own certified fitters. It's nice that we can offer the total package." 

What have you learned through Circet? 

Burak: "We gained a lot of technical knowledge, but above all we learned a lot about project management. How do you steer a project, how do you coordinate the various stages, how do you deliver everything? In the meantime we work a lot more professionally." 


"We work a lot along public roads and close to homes. This inevitably brings complaints and tough questions. For that too, we can count on Circet: together we look for a solution that satisfies everyone." 

"Together we look for a solution that satisfies everyone." 

The partnership in figures (2023) 
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Do you have any tips for other subcontractors looking to work with Circet? 

Burak: "First, do not hesitate, as they are a reliable and collegial partner. Second, when you start growing as robustly as we have, keep the atmosphere family-like within your company too. Every Friday, our employees come to The Hague, and we eat and drink together. This way, we maintain social contact between colleagues, and everyone continues to learn from each other. It’s a great way to end the working week!" 

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