Wyre chooses Circet Infra Fiber as infrastructure partner

Mechelen - Wyre, the joint venture between Telenet and Fluvius, is relying on Circet Infra Fiber, a partnership between Circet and Infra Group, to roll out the latest 10 Gigabit fiber technology in Flanders and parts of Brussels. On Oct. 3rd, the CEOs of Circet Benelux, Infra Group and Wyre officially announced their partnership.   

Two experienced partners 

For the design, engineering, infrastructure and installation work, Wyre is counting on Circet and Infra Group. The two companies launched a partnership called Circet Infra Fiber a few years ago to ensure a smooth, safe and high-quality fiber rollout in Belgium.   

Persbericht1(In the picturefrom left to right, are) Tom Vendelmans (CEO Infra Group), Micha Berger (CEO Wyre) en Bavo De Cock (CEO Circet Benelux)

Bavo De Cock (CEO Circet Benelux): "Our years of experience as telecom infrastructure player in the Benelux and worldwide ensures that we can support our customers end-to-end and qualitatively within the various technological domains. As Circet Infra Fiber, we look forward to our collaboration with Wyre to roll out the fiber network of the future in Flanders and parts of Brussels. This fiber optic rollout is crucial for our region to remain competitive in an ever faster evolving market."  

Tom Vendelmans (CEO Infra Group): "Infra Group, has been the ideal one-stop-shop contractor (design, engineering, install and maintenance) for more than 30 years. Infra Group creates and connects networks every day. Our multi-utility approach and strong local roots will ensure that Wyre’s fiber network rollout project within the public domain is executed qualitatively, quickly and safely.    

Through our joined forces with Circet, we are excited to roll out Wyre's new fiber optic network in Flemish and Brussels municipalities." 

Construction of the fiber network  

The network of Telenet and Fluvius is already 90% fiber optic. Only the route between the street cabinet and houses and apartments still consists mainly of coax. This can already handle high speeds (currently 1 Gbps), but with the addition of the last few kilometers of fiber it will eventually reach 10 Gbps. 

Micha Berger (CEO Wyre): “At Wyre we are thrilled about this partnership with Circet Infra Fiber.  Collaborating with Circet Infra Fiber enables us to realize our vision of delivering the best network of the future in Flanders and certain parts of Brussels. Circet Infra Fiber’s knowledge and expertise to execute complex network roll out plans has been proven abroad and domestically.  

I am confident that together, with respect for customers and society, we are ready to embark on this journey to massively roll-out the latest 10 Gigabit fiber technology while maintaining the quality of our current Gigabit network. Says Micha Berger, CEO of Wyre.”  

Ready for the future of fiber 

Flanders and Brussels are leaders in technology. Thanks to the high speed and bandwidth of fiber optics, they will remain so in the future. Companies work in the cloud without delay, residents can stream as they desire and work from home in the best conditions.  

It’s crucial that the rollout of fiber is done qualitatively and safely, with as little inconvenience to residents as possible. Also in that domain Circet and Infra Group have proven their competence. Both parties have more than enough experience in regards to communication (with local residents and municipalities) and to successfully complete infrastructure works.  


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